Post Office

mailboxThe Florence Post Office is an “intra-school” post office where students can write letters to their friends (within the school), teachers or office staff.  (Parents, you can write letters too!  Your child will love receiving a note from you).  The Florence Post Office is located just inside the cafeteria door on the side closest to the auditorium, and our “official” blue mailbox is located in the lobby near the entrance to the post office.

Students can write using their own stationary and envelope, or they can step inside the Post Office where supplies are provided.  There is also a Post Office Directory where students can look up the recipient’s Florence address.  To mail a letter, just place it inside the blue mailbox.  Our fabulous fourth graders, who have the privilege of running the Florence Post Office, will collect the letters, stamp, sort and deliver them!

The Florence Post Office also offers several opportunities during the year for parents to send a special note along with a treat to their child, a teacher, or staff member.  It’s a great way to let someone know you are thinking about them!