Science Night

science experimentsThe FES Science Night is an annual event, usually held sometime in January or February.  It’s goals are to advance the interest in and understanding of all sciences, to encourage scientific exploration in fun ways, and to demonstrate how science concepts connect to the world around us.  Students may enter any science-related project which will be critiqued, but not judged, by FES faculty.  In addition to the student projects, many of the faculty, as well as professional scientists from the community, will host interactive booths that are designed to engage students, and answer questions such as how science relates to everyday activities, how research and experimentation is key to scientific advancement, and what do scientists really do!

Prior to Science Night, a school-wide contest is held to design the Science Night Pin for the current year.  All students are invited to participate, regardless of whether they enter a project in Science Night.  The winning design is used on the official Science Night Pin that is given to each student who enters a project.

For the exact date of this year’s Science Night, please check our calendar.